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The best way to get a jump on next years work is to start the harvest with a Crary CYCLONE Chaff Spreader. Ideal for a minimum and no-till farming, CYCLONE's hydraulic spinners maximize distribution, eliminating uneven soil drying abd staggered wet strips. CYCLONE also reduces interference with Chemicals caused by wet and heavy windrows. CYCLONE comes completely equipped with a whirlwind of standard features including swing away for easy sieve access, adjustable front and rear shields, quick installation, and heavy gauge construction. This harvest, put the power of Crary CYCLONE behind you.


Perfect for larger combines and wider headers, Tilting Double Disc units allow spinners to adjust from 0 to 10 degrees for more accurate chaff distribution and combine tire clearance.

CYCLONES come complete with hydraulic motor, hoses, fittings, flow valve and flow pans.

Single spreader comes with a 36" spinner and axle mount. Tilting Double spreader comes with two 24" spinners and axle mount. Approximate weight of each unit is 300 Ibs.

Flow valves have internal pressure relief to protect circuits.

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